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Filter Inserts

Upon request, the EuroTech Filter company can offer inserts for various types of filters. Lead time starts from 1 working day, any size, cooperation with enterprises of various forms of ownership.

We manufacture filter inserts that are made in Russia and fully comply with international standards. The best compromise between price and quality. High efficiency and large volumes: the order will be completed on time using up-to-date filter materials. All you need is to let us know the exact parameters of the inserts and their quantity. To simplify the task, it is enough to indicate the labeling of the filters in which the inserts are to be replaced.

What do we offer?

For the manufacture of inserts, the company uses high quality materials that meet international safety requirements. Most inserts are based on various grades of polyester, including low-combustible materials often used in ceiling air filters. We also use carbon blankets and combined three-ply blankets, consisting of various polymers.

Depending on the type of the filter and the intended conditions of use, we select blankets with certain performance on the basis of their dust holding capacity, purity classes, density, and other characteristics.

How do we work?

Having received preliminary information on the order, our specialists promptly select the materials for the inserts, make the calculation and report the cost of the order. The lead time is discussed as well. We take into account various parameters, including requirements for the quality of air purification, types of unit: panel, cassette, pocket, bag, labyrinth, etc.

The task of the company's specialists is to provide our customers with products that ultimately comply with their demands and international standards. In this case, the cost of such products is an important factor. Our motto is that consumables must be of high quality and buyer's price.

We can deliver the ready order about St. Petersburg, including to the terminals of transport companies, if the goods are to be shipped to another city. We work with all regions of Russia. We can apply vacuum packaging to reduce transport costs.

If you need filter inserts, just contact us using the number (812) 649-45-68 to get a prompt and affordable solution!

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