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KRAB Cassette Filters

KRAB reusable air filters comprise a dismountable frame made of durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and replaceable filter inserts (cartridges). The size of the frame and the composition of the filter materials are to be selected depending on the specific project. This is the company's proprietary solution. KRAB reusable air filters are money-saving, reliable and meet Russian standards. EuroTech Filter provides a guarantee for its products.

We offer various types of filters:

Cassette filters

Intended for use in residential houses, shopping malls, enterprises, in air cleaning systems for railway and motor vehicles.

Panel filters

Intended for use in residential complexes, office and shopping centers, at industrial enterprises, as well as in painting and drying chambers, compressor equipment and other equipment challenging in terms of air cleaning.

Filters for fan coil units

Necessary for the correct operation of industrial air conditioning systems.

Antistatic filters

They have a wide range of industrial applications.

Carbon filters

Intended to eliminate unpleasant odors and harmful substances from the air, and are essential for multi-stage cleaning systems.

KRAB reusable cassette filters are a common element of air cleaning systems. They are mainly used for primary air purification. Their purpose is to protect expensive air conditioning and ventilation equipment from large contaminants. Such units are also used to reduce the contamination of decorative coatings near the air mass distribution devices.

EuroTech Filter offers services either for the supply or the design of filters for systems that are being implemented or have already been installed at the enterprise.

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