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Materials for Bag Filters

Bag filter materials differ in their performance specifications:

  • The structure of the fabric can be either woven or non-woven. The fibers of the materials of the first group are intertwined at right angles, the fibers of the nonwovens are mechanically bonded, having a chaotic structure (like polypropylene, polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, fiberglass).
  • Air permeability. This means the volume of air that can pass through the fabric.
  • Density. Denser materials allow fewer dust particles to pass through.
  • Operating temperature. Some fabrics are considered low temperature (withstand a maximum of +100 °C), while other fabrics show high performance at +300 °C. Here we need to specially focus on the feature ‘short-term operating temperature’, it means a short period when the material is able to withstand a higher temperature stress.
  • Resistant to aggressive particles. This is important, for example in chemical production, so that the dust particles must not break the bag.
  • Regeneration. The ability of a fabric to restore its functions after cleaning. Some materials can be processed, while others must be replaced.
  • Availability of reinforcing or antistatic fibers.
  • Availability of special proofing (water-repellent, antistatic, oil-resistant, not sustaining the combustion).

Bag filter materials have a wide range of applications. They are critical in the chemical and steel industries, in the flour and asphalt-concrete production, in the road construction. Such fabrics are in demand as filtering, heat-insulating, cushioning and decorative materials.

EuroTech Filter offers materials for bag filters produced by Russian manufacturers. All fabrics are made from domestic raw materials. That is why our company can provide favorable offers to our clients. All products are mandatorily certified.

Bag filter materials have a wide range of applications. Fabrics distinguish by a set of parameters. EuroTech Filter proposes Russian-made materials at favorable prices.

The quality of the bag filter operation and the duration of its service life are directly related to the material from which it is manufactured. It is the fabric that determines what substances the filter is capable to cope with, how effective the cleaning process will be, the air permeability and other parameters of the filter.

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