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About company

The EuroTech Filter company manufactures filters and filtering materials for air purification systems. Our flagship products are money-saving and environmentally friendly KRAB reusable cassette and pocket filters.

EuroTech Filter is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of reusable filters for air purification systems:

  • cassette, panel filters and filters for fan coil units;
  • pocket filters;
  • antistatic filters.

The first two categories are represented by our proprietary solution — the KRAB system. Our KRAB reusable cassette and pocket air filters consist of a dismountable frame and replaceable inserts (cartridges). The dismountable frame is made of galvanized steel, the inserts are made of high quality filter materials. They are to be installed on the frame and replaced as deemed necessary.

Unlike disposable filters, the KRAB system does not imply the replacement of the entire unit, only the components that consist of filtering materials. There is no need to dispose of plastic or metal separately, and there is no need to overpay for these valuable materials. Transportation of cartridges is much easier and cheaper: their weight and volume of packaging are smaller than those of disposable filters. Replacing the inserts (cartridges) of the KRAB system is no more challenging than reinstalling disposable devices, it can be easily handled by one worker. A convenient frame does not require additional time-consuming assembly and disassembly, all stages of work would be performed simply and quickly.

EuroTech Filter can produce custom reusable frames, and then supply cartridges (inserts) to them as deemed necessary. The customers may select filter materials that would meet the needs of their particular enterprises.

All products comply with industry standards, are covered by a manufacturer's warranty and, when properly used, ensure that the quality of the air passing through the system complies with environmental and health standards.

You can also order consumables from us: filtering materials and inserts, as well as design, installation and maintenance of air purification systems.

Customers from St. Petersburg or the Leningradsky Region can collect the equipment from a pick-up point (free of charge) or order delivery. We propose our customers from other cities to choose any suitable logistics company operating in St. Petersburg and pay for its services. We shall complete all the necessary documents and deliver the goods to the terminal free of charge.