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Import non-woven filtering material used for manufacture of pocket filters designed for ventilation systems.

The filtering material is a non-woven fabric consisting of 3 layers bonded together by means of ultrasonic sealing:

External layers are comprised of polymer materials produced by means of spunbond technology. Durable polypropylene (composed of 100% polypropylene) heat-bonded material.
The internal layer is a polymer electrostatically charged volume material based on ultrafine polypropylene fibers. The material is produced by means of meltblown technology. (Fibers which are obtained by squeezing-out polymer pulp through shaped dies are sprayed on the special base plate).

Chemical composition: Polypropylene, polyester.

The unique technology of bicomponent material production enables to maintain maximum filtration efficiency with the same parameters of air permeability which are observed in case of use of single-component polymer materials.

Materials are divided into several production lines:

Production line D (T)

Materials with markings TD-45D(T), TD-65D(T), TD-85D(T), TD-95D(T)

The filtering material is composed of two webs of filtering material bonded together by means of ultrasonic sealing. In the course of production of pocket filters the lengthwise sealing allows to avoid sticking of pockets, and it means that the whole filter area is used during the operation. The material is supplied in reels with the width of 0.67 m and length of 100 m.

The material is provided with a special layer for rough cleaning (pre-filter). The pre-filter retains large dust particles and helps to increase significantly the service life of the device.

Material Surface density (g/m2±10%) Reel size, width * length Purity class
TD-45D(T) 160 0,685M*100M F5
TD-65D(T) 170 0,67M*90M F6
TD-85D(T) 180 0,67M*90M F7
TD-95D(T) 190 0,67M*80M F8
TD-95D(T) 190 0,67M*80M F9
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