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Bag Filters

Bag filters are purification equipment for processing of polluted air.

They are applied in industries that operate with strong concentrations of process dust: asphalt-concrete production, cement and chemical production, woodworking, mining, metallurgical industries, food and drug production, laser cutting, metal processing and cutting, agriculture.

The advantages of bag filters
  • a compact design is critical when it comes to revamping of gas filtration equipment. Our equipment successfully fit with the housings of the upgradable electric air filters, it does not consume more space than battery cyclones, and does demonstrate a high cleaning performance;
  • the equipment is to be placed in a small area;
  • the filtering material has a finely porous, fibrous, homogeneous structure; this structure enables to effectively separate micro-inclusions in the air at a wide temperature range from minus values ​​to +500 °С;
  • bag filters are intended to operate in any climatic conditions, where the air is too thin or seismic activity can occur;
  • bag filters are used for purification of gases in fire and explosion hazardous areas;
  • compared to the cleaning facilities with electric filters, the facilities using bag filters are more affordable;
  • having the same operating expenses, bag filters equal in efficiency to that of the electric precipitators;
  • the installation and commissioning of a bag filter are much faster compared to electric precipitators, and this is the key indicator in the course of revamping that requires to suspend the operation of the core production and process equipment.
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